Grand Assembly Code

1. Have Fun, remember the tenets of Rainbow, and use good common sense.
2. Only registered Rainbow, Advisors and guests may attend Grand Assembly.
3. Your Convention name-tag is to be worn prominently at all times during Grand Assembly. Be proud of being part of Rainbow. We encourage the wearing of Rainbow appropriate t-shirts and monogrammed attire in public.
4. By your registration and attendance, you agree to abide by this code and to conduct yourself as to bring no discredit to yourself or Rainbow.
5. Upon your arrival at Grand Assembly, your Mother Advisor will sign-in the assembly with the Grand Assembly Registrar and the hotel. Please distribute room numbers to your members and provide a copy to the Grand Assembly staff in case of emergency.
6. Inspect your room upon arrival and report any damage or missing items to your advisors. Make sure you lock your door when you leave your room (and make sure you have the key). You will be charged for any damage or missing items from your room.
7. All hotel costs are the responsibility of the Assembly. We suggest advisors turn off the phones in the Rainbow rooms to limit the amount of charges. If you have any problems with the room, contact your Advisors and inform the hotel and Grand Assembly staff that we can make sure it is resolved.
8. A curfew is in effect from 11:00 PM-6:00 AM. You MUST be inside your hotel room, not congregating in the hallways.
9. When leaving Grand Assembly on Sunday, be sure your room is cleared of your belongings and that all furniture and other materials are accounted for.
10. Dangerous and destructive implements, such as fireworks or weapons of any kind, are prohibited.